About TV4

Over a large number of years, TV4 has been Sweden's largest commercial TV channel. TV4 focuses on Swedish drama, broad entertainment, extended news and current affairs programmes and high-class drama acquisitions. Due to its engaging content and effective offers, TV4 is Sweden's number one choice for distributors, audiences and advertisers alike. 

In addition to TV4, the group also runs a number of Sweden’s most popular other free- and pay-TV channels, and a range of web and mobile sites and on demand services, such as TV4 Play, where content is available online.

TV/Media, or for the public TV4 and MTV, is one of the Nordic region's leading TV houses. Since December 2019, the companies are owned by Telia Company and run as an independent mass media company, TV4 Media, where the independence of the publishing company and all of it’s content is secured. In Telia, the business area is called TV/ Media, but for our viewers and users we are TV4 and MTV.

Create a unique solution

We always start from our clients’ needs to find the best suitable solution. Therefore we offer sales all over the country as well as local sales in 26 different advertising regions.

TV has developed its already established position to be the most effective way to influence consumers. If you are in need of rapid reach and a guaranteed qualitative environment for your communication, our TV-option is the best way to go.

Online video
By using TV4’s digital platforms we offer the best ways to add reach to your campaign on our user’s own conditions, with content available 24/7 across all platforms.

A sponsorship is a cost-efficient way to increase your brand’s visibility, and to connect attractive values from one of our programs to your brand.

Social media
Our content generates a great deal of participation and engagement in social media. Not only does this drive consumption of our services, but it also offers opportunities to advertise alongside our content.

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